Teach your dog to spin

Teaching your dog different circus tricks is not only fun, but it is also a very good and enjoyable activity. Of course, there are many fun tricks you can practice with your dog, but in this video, Lassie's dog trainer Lina Lundin starts by showing you how to teach your dog to spin. Good luck and have fun practicing this with your dog.

Step 1

First, lure your dog around with a treat in your hand. Make the movement big so the dog has room to spin around its own shoulder. Feel free to use a clicker if you have one at home. Click when your dog is halfway around.

Step 2

Now you can start making the movement smaller and smaller and see if your dog can spin around his shoulder without you helping around the whole spin. Still click when your dog is about halfway.

Step 3

Now it's time to put on your cue. The order in which you give your signals is important here. First you say spin, then you show the dog around with your arm. So the new signal "spin" should come before the previous signal which is your arm movement.

Step 4

Make your arm movement smaller and smaller with each repetition until your dog is spinning when you say "spin" without you having to show it around with your arm.

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