About Lassie

We created Lassie to help you care for your dog or cat, with a preventive approach. You could say that Lassie holds your hand (and your best friend's paw).
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Insurance coverage that provides peace of mind

Great coverage and a preventive approach.
We’ve created an insurance that not only covers the most common diseases for all breeds but also helps you learn how to prevent them and rewards you for it.
Founders Press 2023
Our story

From pet lovers for pet lovers

The idea for Lassie originated in Sweden from the personal experiences of the founder, Hedda Båverud Olsson. Hedda grew up with a veterinarian mother and learned from an early age how to properly care for animals and keep them healthy and happy. She found it incomprehensible that pet insurance only acted reactively, meaning only in the event of an insurance claim.

Together with co-founders Sophie Wilkinson and Johan Jönsson, Lassie was launched in 2020 as the first preventive pet insurance, which has already been praised by customers in Sweden as the highest-rated pet insurance.
Hedda Båverud Olsson and Louie 2021

Hedda Båverud Olsson

Founder and CEO of Lassie, Hedda grew up with a veterinarian mother and brings years of experience in business consulting and the investment sector.
Co-Founder Sophie Wilkinson

Sophie Wilkinson

Co-founder and COO of Lassie, Sophie has over 15 years of experience as a head of pet insurance at one of the largest Nordic insurance companies.
Johan och Greta

Johan Jönsson

Co-founder and CTO of Lassie, Johan has previously worked for renowned tech companies like Spotify and brings his tech expertise to Lassie as a fully digital insurance company.

Annual discounts through points bonus program
Enjoy a discount of up to €50 by following our preventive care program.
Access our veterinary content unlimitedly.
Friendly service with generous opening hours and fast payouts
Enjoy a simple and transparent insurance.

Lassie in the media

Founders Press 2023

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Hedda Båverud Olsson and Louie 2021

Animal insurance company Lassie raises SEK 260 million

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Co-Founder Lassie Hedda Båverud Olsson

Defying the recession - Lassie has doubled since July (!): "Ecosystem for animals"

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Co-Founder Sophie Wilkinson

The pet insurer is moving towards 100 million

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Lassie tops when Konsumenternas rates dog insurance

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Co-Founder Lassie Hedda BåverudOlsson

Swedish pet insurance is growing in Germany: "Huge potential"

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