Help your dog to stay calm

Here, we want to teach you how to help your dog to stay calm and be passive in different situations. You can use this exercise for a variety of purposes such as handling training, environmental training and visits to the vet. Your dog will learn that in your arms it is calm and safe.

How do I use this

Start by teaching your dog this exercise in a home environment where it is safe and familiar. The goal is for you to be able to take this exercise to the veterinary clinic, environments that may be perceived as messy or stressful, dog training sessions and at home during handling. However, it is important to gradually expose your dog to difficult situations where they may be tempted to play or where they might experience something scary. Never allow a dog that is panicking to sit through this exercise as it will not be beneficial to you in the future and a dog in this state of mind needs to leave the situation altogether.

Do this:

1. Lure your dog in between your legs with a treat and hold your dog to your chest. Feel free to stroke their chest a little.

2. If your dog resists or wants to get away, you can use light pressure to hold your dog for a short while. As soon as it is calm, you can release it. This will make your dog understand that it needs to be calm to get free.

3. Gradually increase the amount of time your dog needs to sit between your legs. At first, a few seconds of calm may be enough before you release it.

In the video, Lasse's dog trainer Lina Lundin shows you how to teach your dog helpful passivity. Take the exercise into different environments and situations where you need your dog to be calm.

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