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Cat that pees more than usual

When cats have a change in their urination behaviour, there is almost always an underlying cause. If a cat is unable to urinate, it may have suffered a urinary retention, which is an acute condition that requires prompt veterinary attention, you can readread more about urinary retention hereIf, on the other hand, a cat has started to urinate a larger amount than usual, it should also be examined by a vet.

Often increased peeing goes hand in hand with the cat drinking more than usual. There are some common diseases that can cause cats to drink and urinate more than usual, especially in older cats. These symptoms are often, but not always, accompanied by other problems such as weight loss, poor coat quality and impaired general condition. Examples of some of the diseases that can cause cats to drink and pee more than usual are: diabetes, kidney problems and urinary tract infections.

To determine if your cat is drinking too much, it is important to know what is normal. Cats normally drink about 2 ml of fluid per hour per kilo of body weight. A cat on a dry food diet tends to drink more water per day than a cat on a soft food diet. It is important that cats always have free access to water, even if they drink more than normal. If you notice a difference in refilling the water bowl more often or your cat standing and drinking more than it usually does, your cat may need to be seen by a vet!

If you notice that your cat is drinking and/or urinating more than usual, you should always contact a vet to have your cat examined. This is true even if the cat seems fine otherwise. The sooner the problem is identified, the better.

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