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Urination problems among cats

Urinary tract problems are actually common among cats. Although it is common, it is of course important that they are taken seriously and that a vet is allowed to examine a cat that is exhibiting symptoms of urinary problems.

Both female and male cats suffer from urinary problems, but there are some differences in the type of problems they experience. Male cats are more likely to suffer from urinary retention, while urinary tract infections are more common in female cats.

Common symptoms that may indicate that a cat is suffering from urinary problems are that the cat is urinating more frequently than usual. Sometimes the cat also tries to urinate for long periods of time and very frequently without any pee coming, sometimes only small amounts. Sometimes a cat with urinary problems will pee outside the box.

Symptoms of urinary problems can have a variety of causes, but what they all have in common is that they are important to take seriously. For example, urinary retention is a life-threatening condition. That's why you should always take a cat with urinary problems to the vet for an examination to find out what's causing the symptoms.

But what happens at the vet's office? Often the vet will start by taking a urine sample from the cat showing symptoms of urinary tract problems. The urine sample will help the vet to say more about the underlying causes of the symptoms. Sometimes the vet will also need to do an ultrasound on the cat and in some cases x-rays and blood tests will also be required as part of the examination.

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