Things to consider before buying a dog

Are you thinking of buying a dog? If so, good for you! By giving the decision some thought, you'll hopefully have many happy years ahead of you with your new family member. However, buying a puppy is not something you do overnight, there are a lot of things you need to think through first.

Do you have the time?

Dogs require daily exercise, activation, care and attention. Your dog will be time-consuming throughout its lifetime, not just when it's a puppy. It is therefore important that before you make the decision to buy a dog, you consider whether you have the time and energy your dog needs. Also think about what everyday life with your dog will be like. Will the dog go to work with you, be with a dog-sitter or go to day-care?

The cost of having a dog

You need to find out what it will cost you to have a dog before you make your decision. In addition to the purchase price, there are fixed costs that will be there throughout the dog's life such as insurance, vet visits, food and accessories. If you choose a breed of dog that needs regular grooming such as trimming or clipping, you should also factor in this cost. If you plan to have your dog in a day nursery or dog day care, this is another cost you need to consider.

Choose a dog breed that suits you and your life

To make your new life with a dog as good as possible, you need to think about which dog breed will best fit into your life. Think about the purpose for which you are buying a dog, is it for companionship or will you be using it in a particular type of dog sport? The purpose will influence which dog breed is right for you and your life. So take the time to read up on different breeds and learn about the characteristics of each breed. Don't choose a breed based on looks or price.

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