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How to deal with a mild limp in your cat

Cats can suffer from lameness due to many different causes. It can vary in complexity, for example, in more severe cases it can be a fracture of the bone and in other less severe cases it can be a superficial wound or a sting in the paw. Osteoarthritis is another example that can cause symptoms such as lameness. Whatever the cause of the cat's lameness, it is important that the cat gets the help it needs. If your cat's mild lameness does not resolve quickly, you need to take your cat to the vet, as well as if you repeatedly notice abnormal movement patterns.

In most cases, lameness is a sign that your cat is in pain somewhere in its musculoskeletal system. When a cat has pain from its musculoskeletal system, you may notice a change in the pattern of movement and often an apparent avoidance of certain movements, especially if the lameness has been more gradual. When a cat is in pain, you may also notice that the cat's personality may change. The cat may also have a reduced appetite when in pain and may want to withdraw and be alone.

If you notice that your cat has become lame, you should start by feeling the cat and looking for wounds on the skin or paws. If your cat is only a little lame and you can't find an obvious reason for the lameness, you can start by resting the cat as much as possible. Of course, it's not easy to control your cat's activity, but if you have an outdoor cat you should keep it indoors. You should also not encourage your cat to jump by serving food or water high up. Let your cat rest and take it easy. If the lameness doesn't go away within a few days or if it gets worse, you need to take your cat to a vet for an examination.

If your cat is block-bound, which means that it is not supporting itself on one leg at all, you should urgently seek veterinary advice. The same applies if your cat's general condition is very affected and it does not want to move, eat or drink. If you suspect that your cat has been in a fight and has subsequently become lame, you should also see a vet immediately.

If you are worried about your cat or unsure how best to care for your lame cat, we recommend that you call and consult a vet!

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