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Fall from height

A common misconception is that cats always land unharmed on all fours when they fall from a height. This is not true, a cat falling from a height can suffer serious injuries, just like anyone else falling from a height! They may land on all fours - but that doesn't mean they always come out unscathed.

So it's important that if you have a cat, especially if you live high up in an apartment, you are aware of what you need to do to minimise the risk of your cat falling out of a window or balcony. Cats, as you probably already know, are very agile and can manage to get through even the smallest gaps in doors and windows.

If you live in a flat with a balcony, you will need to put up a good, sturdy safety net to prevent your cat from falling off. Buy a net or cover that covers the whole balcony and remember that cats are good at getting through even very small gaps. You should also remember not to have windows open high up without some form of netting.

If an accident should occur and your cat happens to fall from a height, first of all take it in very carefully, try to keep the cat calm and go straight to the vet for assessment. Sometimes the cat may have suffered injuries that cannot be seen at home.

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