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Diarrhoea without vomiting

The vast majority of cats will suffer from diarrhoea at some point in their lives. Sometimes cats have diarrhoea with vomiting, but sometimes they only have diarrhoea - without any vomiting. This article will be about what to do if your cat has diarrhoea without vomiting.

Why do cats get diarrhoea?
There are many possible reasons why a cat may suffer from diarrhoea. The cat may have eaten something inappropriate, perhaps a poisonous plant or some food that has gone bad. Sometimes the cat may also be sensitive to something in its food that causes diarrhoea. There are also other reasons why a cat suffers from diarrhoea, such as intestinal diseases.

What should I do if my cat gets diarrhoea?
If your adult cat suffers from diarrhoea without vomiting and is also alert and happy as usual, you can actually try treating this at home, using a bland diet and probiotics.

If your cat has diarrhoea and is still alert and happy, here's what you can do:

  • A cat that has diarrhea, you can try treating with small portions of sponge food, about 1 tablespoon per hour to start with. Soft food is recommended as it contains a lot of liquid which prevents dehydration. There are special sparing diets made to be given for diarrhoea and vomiting. If your cat won't eat it, try giving it boiled cod.

  • Start by offering your cat about one tablespoon of sparing food per hour for the first day.

  • Gradually give the cat larger portions, continuing to divide the food into 6-8 portions per day. Continue to give the cat a special diet until its stomach has been fine for at least two days.

  • After the cat has been without diarrhoea for two days, you can start to gradually switch to the regular food, doing this over a few days.

  • Make sure your cat always has free access to water!

In addition to a bland diet, you can also give your cat supplements (probiotics)

  • Fortiflora is a freeze-dried powder with friendly bacteria that helps balance the intestinal flora. This tastes good and can also act as a flavour enhancer.

  • Canikur and Prokolin are two leading brands, but of course there are more! These are given twice a day, as directed on the packet. This can stop diarrhoea and contains good bacteria that help stabilise the cat's gut flora.

This advice can be used provided the cat is in good general health, has no blood in the stools or diarrhoea, has an appetite, is retaining food and water and is responding to treatment. If in doubt or if your cat has recurrent diarrhoea, you need to seek veterinary advice!

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