How to prevent your cat from ingesting dangerous objects

Does your cat have a tendency to eat inappropriate objects in the home? This can cause life-threatening conditions for your cat, which is why we want to give you tips on how to prevent it.

Strategies to avoid inappropriate objects in the gut

There are a number of strategies you can use to help prevent your cat from eating objects that could harm them. Below are some simple strategies to make everyday life safer for your cat.

  • Confine your cat's space

It's common for us to have ornaments and other items on display that our cat can reach and put in their mouth. So it can be a good idea to limit the space for your cat, especially when you're not there to keep an eye on them. This can involve allowing your cat to be in a specific room when you are not at home, or dividing your home into different sections depending on what you have available in your home.

  • Remove anything that can cause harm

Obviously, this is an important part of preventing your cat from ingesting inappropriate items. Don't put your rings out on the table, avoid having socks, tassels and other small items where your cat can get at them.

  • Avoid toys that are too small for your cat

Toys can be a lot of fun for your cat to have on display, but think about the size of the toys if your cat has a tendency to chew on objects. Instead, buy larger toys that your cat cannot swallow.

  • Enrich your cat's everyday life

Cats who chew objects may be bored or stressed. Make sure you enrich your cat's behavioural needs with things to eat, hide food and treats so they can find it themselves and find items in the pet shop that are suitable for your cat to chew on. This is particularly important for indoor cats who do not have the same opportunity to perform their natural behavioural needs outdoors.

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