Continue practicing potty training

Second week at home with your puppy, how's the room cleanliness going? Whether you've made great progress or it's slow but steady, we want you to know that it's perfectly normal. All puppies are different, some become housetrained very quickly while it takes a little longer for others.

Be consistent
Keep practicing according to the recommendations and routines we gave you last week. Please refresh your memory by reading the full article again hereor by reading this list:

  • Make it a habit to take the puppy out first thing in the morning when you wake up.

  • Make sure you go to the same place every time you go out to walk so that the puppy recognizes himself and the scents.

  • Be prepared to stay out until the puppy is well.

  • When the puppy is almost finished with its needs, you can calmly praise it with your voice.

  • In general, puppies need to go outside after every meal, every playtime and every nap. Plus possibly a few more times in between.

  • Make sure the puppy gets to go out and do the last thing it does before you go to bed.

If accidents happen indoors
If there is an accident indoors, just wipe it up and make sure you keep a better eye on the puppy so it doesn't happen again. If you scold the puppy for what it has done inside, you will ruin your relationship and make the puppy an insecure individual as it usually doesn't understand why it is being scolded. If it does understand why, it will just be more careful to sit where you can't see.

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