Insure your dog

Should I insure my dog? The simple answer to that question is yes, you should insure your dog. With insurance, you can feel confident that your four-legged friend will get the care it needs without you having to make any difficult decisions due to financial reasons.

Of course, no one wants to have to use their insurance, especially when it comes to their four-legged best friend. But if an injury does occur, it's important to feel confident that help is at hand. With Lassie, you get fast help right on your mobile, we're on chat and on the phone Monday - Sunday 8am - 9pm. Remember to choose an insurance policy that suits you and your dog best!

Why is it important to insure my dog?

Even if your dog is perfectly healthy, it's always reassuring to know that you have cover that you can use if an injury does occur. Your four-legged friend's health can change quickly, from an accident to your dog suffering from an acute illness. Without insurance, a visit to the vet can be very expensive. If your dog is insured, you can rest assured that there is always help and support available if something should happen.

Hidden fault insurance

Many breeders insure their puppies with a so-called hidden fault insurance. If it turns out that the puppy has a hidden fault, this insurance will cover it. If a breeder has not taken out hidden fault insurance, they are still liable for the costs of a hidden fault, but out of their own pocket.

If you are unsure whether your breeder has hidden fault insurance, it is always a good idea to ask. It is also important that you get a puppy inspection certificate when you pick up your puppy. But remember that this certificate must not be more than seven days old.

Liability insurance

As a dog owner, you have strict dog owner's liability, which means that you are responsible for any damage your dog causes. For example, if your dog tears up your friend's sofa, the normal pet insurance will not cover this. Sometimes liability insurance is included in home insurance, so a tip is to check if this is included in your particular home insurance policy!

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