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Cat peeing in the wrong place

Have you experienced your cat peeing in the wrong places in your home, i.e. peeing in places other than those intended for toilet visits? Yes, this could be because your cat has a disease or is stressed. However, if you are sure that your cat is healthy, having had a veterinary examination, this "peeing in the wrong place" behaviour may mean that the cat wants to protest or show its displeasure. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as a cat owner to try to eliminate this behaviour. Check out all the necessary information about cats that pee in the wrong place below!

Why is my cat peeing in the wrong place?
A cat peeing in the wrong place than it usually does is in very many cases because it wants to show some kind of displeasure, doing so as a kind of protest. At least if your cat is healthy. If it turns out that the cat is urinating in the wrong place, it may also be due to a disease of the urinary tract, or that the cat is stressed.

Whatever you think is causing the behaviour, it is important to address it and try to find the cause and then find a solution to the problem. If you suspect that the urinating is due to illness or physical defects, you should of course contact and see a vet as soon as possible.

However, if it is most likely due to the cat wanting to show its displeasure in the form of a protest, there are a few other things you should look at to find a solution to the problem. As it is not very pleasant for the cat to urinate in the wrong place, it is important for both you and the cat that it is dealt with. That's also when it means the cat is unhappy with something.

Possible causes of peeing
If it turns out that your cat is perfectly healthy and that the peeing is not due to a physical illness, it may be due to dissatisfaction. In this case, it is important that you try to get to the root of the problem, i.e. what may have caused the behaviour. This is basically the only solution to get the cat to pee in its usual place again. As it can be caused by so many different things, it can be difficult to know which possible situations to start from. However, below we have listed some of the most common reasons why cats become unhappy:

  • A new family member has moved into the home, such as another cat, animal or child

  • Does it have to do with the cat not liking a particular family member or finding them taking up too much space? This can be shown by the cat peeing a little extra around his things

  • The cat has been left out a lot if the owner has been away, or if the cat has been bored or left out

  • The litter box environment is something that cats are incredibly fussy about. If this is wrong, the cat may show great dissatisfaction. For example, the sand is crucial, as well as cleanliness, the number of litter boxes, the location of the box and the appearance of the box

  • Does the cat feel it has enough private spaces and areas/places to move and be?

  • Any incident or memory in the cat that makes it uncomfortable in the environment, home or place where the box is placed

Solutions to the problem
Trying to understand why the cat is behaving the way it is can go a long way to finding a solution to the problem. Knowing what is causing it also gives you a chance to fix it.

Even so, it can be difficult to know how to go about getting your cat to behave as normal again. This is especially true if the "fault" is a family member. However, there are some things you can try, which may work quite well depending on what is bothering your cat:

  • Show some extra love to a cat who may be often alone, crowded or bored

  • Maybe it's time to get another feline friend?

  • Take time with your cat to find out the real cause and to see what it really needs to feel better!

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