Must-Haves for the summer season

Summer can be a challenging time for our four-legged friends. High temperatures and strong sunlight require special measures to ensure that our pets stay cool and comfortable. Here are some essential products from our online shop to make summer more enjoyable for your dog.

Cooling accessories like the cooling vest and cooling bandana from TRIXIE are perfect for regulating your dog's body temperature. These accessories are easy to put on and provide instant cooling upon contact. Simply wet them, wring them out, and put them on your dog – they will stay cool for hours.

The TRIXIE cooling mat is another great product for regulating your pet's body temperature. It cools on contact and works without additional cooling, electricity, or water. The mat stays cool for several hours and is ready to use again after a short break. It can be used in beds, kennels, or the car, and is easy to wipe clean.

For playful cooling, the cooling fetch toy is ideal. This innovative toy contains a sponge that can be moistened and frozen. When chewed, water seeps out of small holes, providing cooling. It's perfect for hot summer days or soothing itchy puppy teeth. It's also suitable for dogs with dental issues, as the cold provides relief.

The ceramic water fountain Vital Flow Mini ensures that your pet always has fresh, cool water. The continuous flow of fresh water encourages drinking and improves taste while reducing bad odors. Efficient water circulation adds more oxygen to the water, making it more refreshing.

With these summer must-haves from our online shop, you can ensure that your pet stays comfortable and healthy even in high temperatures. Protect your four-legged friend from the heat and enjoy carefree summer days together!

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